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Most frequent questions and answers

This error occurs if the team creator and individual attempting to join the team are using two different mobile apps (one person is using a previous version of our mobile app that is no longer publicly available and the other is using the proper app).

Please confirm that the person who created the team did so on the Athlete Era mobile app and the person joining the team is using the Athlete Era mobile app

If you created a team on an outdated app, you will need to create a team on the most recent app in order for others to join successfully. 

We released a recent update that modified how administrators upgrade user accounts to premium. The “My Teams” section of the Athlete Era mobile app has not yet been updated to align with these changes. 

If you received an email from your administrator inviting you to the app or confirming your account has been upgraded, you do in fact have access to all content and features, the app is simply just not displaying the gold “premium team” banner around your team on the My Teams screen. 

This issue will be resolved with the next update being released on May 5th