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  • Curriculum Creation & Distribution
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What's included? Absolutely everything.

Create practice plans, drills, skills, tactics, plays and exercises all saved to your own private content library.  All content can included a combination of text, images and videos. Create content from scratch or use curated library content as a template to speed up the process. 

Share plans embedded with drill, skill, tactic, play and exercise media with other team members. Content can be shared with coaches only or all athletes on your team.

Instant access to hundreds of pre-made plans, drills, skills, tactics, plays and exercises curated by Athlete Era. This content is developed by a combination of Athlete Era, our content partners, and other reputable coaching content creators. The total amount of content varies by sport. Content created by coaches on our platform is not added to the curated content libraries. 

Organize all of your plans and content around events you’ve added to your schedule. Share event information with other team members and track attendance. 


Send messages and attachments to just coaches or everyone on your team. Post important updates to your team announcements page. 

Our platform is designed for coaches to do the heavy lifting on their computer or laptop, then utilize the mobile app on the go and during practice. The web app is focused on efficient content creation, organization and management. The mobile app is focused on viewing plans, skills, drills, sharing content with players, and communicating with your team. 

Simplify & Save With Athlete Era

Athlete Era replaces a number of apps and tools commonly used by coaches. See what you can get rid of after making the switch.  

Athlete Era



Using coaching platforms (Sports Session Planner, The Coaching Manual, etc.) to access pre-made content, build & store practice plans, and manage drill libraries. $10 – $100/month


Using Google Drive, Dropbox or video-sharing platforms to store and share videos (of practices, skills, or drills) with others on your team or across your organization. $5 – $100/month

Team Management & Communication Apps

Using a team app (TeamSnap, Sports Engine, Game Changer, etc.) only for messaging, scheduling, team roster info and simple file sharing (images, videos, docs). $12/month +

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